The FREE WPV CARES Program has transitioned into a WPV Cares fund/subsidy to support very low-income older adults to continue to receive low-cost services.

The WPV CARES (COVID-19 Active Response for Elderly Support) Emergency Response Program was established in March 2020 to address the increased risks of death, disease, and isolation for the most vulnerable groups impacted by the COVID-19 virus. Prior to the pandemic, WPV was providing programs and services which enabled older residents to enjoy aging in the comforts of their own homes and neighborhoods. We had a well-established infrastructure and were in the unique position to quickly pivot to offer exactly what older adults needed when L.A. County’s Safer at Home Orders were implemented in March 2020. We were also fortunate to receive an outpouring of support from over 500 individuals wanting to volunteer, and very generous funding opportunities which enabled us to run a free program and expand beyond our normal service areas regardless of age.

From March 2020 to September 2021, WPV added nearly 200 new client members and fulfilled a conservative average of over 1300 services per month. This is absolutely phenomenal, and we are so grateful to our many volunteers, supports and donors, too many to name, who made this all possible. The WPV CARES program successfully met its goal during the pandemic, and while the pandemic is not completely over, the WPV CARES Program will the WPV Cares Fund to establish sliding-scale services that are subsidized for individuals with demonstrated financial need who can not afford to pay the foundational community membership fee or add-on services. In order to demonstrate financial need, individuals may submit:

  • Proof of Medi-Cal Insurance (Demonstrates below 143% Federal Poverty Level) 
  • Proof of Section 8 / Low-Income /Affordable Housing 
  • Proof of Income that demonstrates financial need

We would like to continue providing services to as many older adults as possible. Please contact our office if you would like to be considered for this program.

Support our Seniors!

Any form of assistance is greatly appreciated, whether you want to volunteer your time, donate financial and/or other resources for this critically important work.

Become a contactless delivery partner, designated phone-caller for an older adult during COVID-19, or help in other ways.

During this unprecedented, uncertain time, please help our seniors!  Now more than ever is the time to support WPV’s mission and our WPV CARES (COVID-10 Action Response for Elder Support) program so we can reach and help as many seniors as possible, and live the ideal of “Neighbors Helping Neighbors”.


Phone: (310) 695-7030

Email: WPVCARES@thewpv.org


WPV CARES (COVID-19 Action Response for Elder Support) was created as an emergency response to address the needs of the most vulnerable impacted by the COVID-19 public health pandemic, older adults. WPV’s mission and work has always been focused on supporting the oldest residents in our community by enabling them to remain active and engaged in the homes and neighborhoods they love, combating another serious health risk and epidemic for seniors, social isolation and loneliness. With the closure of many non-essential facilities and L.A. County’s Safer at Home Order, the vital social components of WPV such as transportation services, social activities/events, and in-person friend visits have been interrupted. As a result, WPV quickly adjusted by placing a heavier emphasis on: (1) increased phone communication through its existing Call a Neighbor CAN Program, and (2) running errands, another exiting program benefit, through contactless delivery services.

WPV recognizes the unmet needs and dire time for the senior community as a whole, especially those who are not currently connected to WPV. We made the decision to offer our well-established and existing Village infrastructure and network of current and new volunteers passionate about helping seniors AT NO COST to help other seniors in the community. We are pleased to share our staff and other resources to implement our emergency response program, WPV CARES, for the greater good to protect seniors in our community from this dangerous virus. We are grateful for the partnering organizations who have come together to join forces with us as a COVID-19 Support Coalition. The goal is to reach and assist as many people, especially vulnerable groups like seniors, as possible during the COVID-19 pandemic period. With the help of this collaborate WPV can expand the outreach and impact to the older adult population in our community who are feeling even more isolated. We extend a heartfelt thank you to the members of COVID-19 Support Coalition for their assistance during this lifesaving endeavor.

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