Receive Support as a

Client of WPV

For less than a dollar a day,  foundational membership provides you access to community events, social activities, and limited support in the home to help you age-in-place while also staying connected!

  • Social Support Calls
  • Friendly Visits
  • Special Holiday Deliveries
  • Social Activities
  • Community Events
  • Light Chores
  • Technology Support
  • Service Referrals
  • Weekly Errand
  • Local Community (Senior) Center Membership 

Transportation will be provided with 2 affordable plans to add onto basic community membership. Rides can not be requested or purchased without Basic Community Membership. 



(8 Rides*/ Month)

 +$450.00 / Year

($ 4.68/ride)


+$45.00 / Month 





(18 Rides*/ Month)

 +$950.00 / Year



+ $95.00 /Month

($5.20/ Ride)

  • Please note a Ride is one-way. Roundtrip is two rides.
  • Extra / A La Carte Transportation: $15.00/One-Way Local Ride. We have prepared two affordable transportation plans based on the frequency of requests that people have requested in our Village. If you do not want to sign up for a plan OR you go over the allotted rides in your transportation plan, each additional A La Carte Ride will be $15.00/One-Way Local Ride. 
  • Long-distance rides are subject to approval and may use up to 2 of the monthly ride limits from the transportation plans. Rides that are more than six -miles or are significantly outside of the Westside region will be evaluated and approved by the office, and upon approval, may use up to 2 of the monthly ride credits on the transportation plans. They would be $30.00/OneWay without a plan (purchased  A la Carte)
  • Rides to planned WPV Community Events do not count towards the ride limit. 




Request more information here.

Stay Connected as a

Friend of WPV


For less than $10 / month, our Friends of WPV stay connected with the Village and support the vision to create a world where all people flourish and grow as they age, strengthening care and support in the community to combat the loneliness epidemic and support healthy aging.

Friends of WPV can attend any community events and social activities to stay connected.

 $100.00 / Year


$9.00 / Month Donation 


Help as a

Volunteer of WPV


Volunteer to strengthen the social and intergenerational ties in the community and support older people. 

As a consistent volunteer, we invite you to attend various community events and social activities in the Village.

Your contribution of service gives you membership, but we recommend the following donations to cover costs of screening for safety in the community.

$30.00 / One-time Background Screening Donation

$10.00/ Annual Verification Update Donation

To become a volunteer member click here.

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