Social Life & Friendships

Meaningful friendships can be enriched, and new ones can be forged between everyone in the village community when WPV members  and volunteers come together and engage in shared interests, and enjoy one another’s company through social events, group outings, and friendly visits.

Health & Wellbeing

In today’s world, aging requires more than good medical care. Discover more opportunities in wellness, preventive, and social activities to improve your quality of life and the community’s wellbeing as a whole.

Lifelong Learning

With the lifelong potential for personal growth, members have a variety of opportunities to learn about different subjects and technologies–simultaneously enriching individuals and the communities.

Home Services & Maintenance

Having a place to call home is essential for everyone. Village members live in a variety of settings. WPV supports many aspects of maintenance to ensure that every member’s house, apartment, condo, or assisted living facility continues to feels like home.

Service Referrals

Members can access information about local businesses and organizations that are trusted and recommended  by other community members.


Village members are supported with transportation, providing the freedom to make plans, appointments, stay active, meet up with other individuals, and stay involved with their many interests.

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